The BEA list and why:

My favorite list and why I like them:

note: it is my belief that actor’s personality is reflected in their character choice.  All of them are incredibly talented in the way that is unique to each one.

So Ji Sub:

His personality.  It is directly reflected in his character choice: it is consistent and deliberate.  His mind and his intelligence is always there.  The man is an artist and has a clear expression of his mind’s heart.  

Jang Hyuk:

I love him for his laugh.  Whenever I hear it – it’s endearing.  The man kicks ass!, his experience, his versatility, his maturity. From action to melo to comedy – genre has no boundaries over this man.

Lee Joon Ki:

I love him for his eyes!  I would classify his eyes as Korea’s national treasure!  I love him for his fluidity.

The director lucky to have him would most likely to be challenged to restrain him.  He literally ‘throws’ himself at his characters.

Ji Hyun Woo:

I love him for his honesty!  I love him for his face, his voice, his height, his abs and his talent!  I don’t know what to say, but this boy is maturing into a beautiful young man.  Anyone will see that his heart is pure, kind and gentle.  

Byun Yo Han:

I love him for his fearless heart and his love of art.  It takes an incredible mind to take on a Hedwig’s role in any country.

Ryu Jun Yeol:

I love him for his innocence.  I love him for his charisma.  I love him for his lips and I love him for his kindness.



It is time for lists.  Like Sei Shonagon’s lists – mostly meaningless to all, but her most devout scholars, so are mine – mostly meaningless.  Nevertheless, list are in vogue.  So without further adieu, sans commentary, I humbly present – the lists.

Tear at my heartstrings list:

Thank You

The World that They Live In

Ruler of Your Own World

Marriage Contract

Heart to Heart

On the Way to the Airport

Evolution of Fandom (From your First to your Latest Love) list:

Lee Min Ho

Lee Jung Suk

So Ji Sub

Park Yoo Chun

Jang Hyuk

Hyun Bin

Lee Joon Ki

Yoo Ah In

Ji Hyun Woo

Byun Yo Han

Ryu Jun Yeol

My Bias list:

So Ji Sub

Jang Hyuk

Lee Joon Ki

Ji Hyun Woo

Byun Yo Han

Ryu Jun Yeol

My Girls list:

Kim Sun Ah

Gong Hyo Jin

Park Min Young

Son Ye Jin

Jung Eun Ji


Ha Ji Won

Hwang Jung Eum

Choi Kang Hee

My favorite OTP list:

Ha Ji Won/Hyun Bin in Secret Garden

Hwang Jung Eum/Ji Sung in Secret and Kill Me Heal Me

Park Shin Hye/Lee Jong Suk in Pinocchio

Gong Hyo Jin/Jo In Sung in It’s Ok That’s Love

Son Ye Jin/Song Seung Hun in Summer Scent

Yoo In Na/Ji Huyn Woo in Queen In-Hyun’s Man

Han Groo/Yeon Woo Jin in Marriage Not Dating

Shin Min Ah/So Ji Sub in Oh My Vinus

Few times I suffered SLS:

Ryu Joon Yeol in Reply 1988

Lee Ki Woo in Flower Boy Ramen Shop

Lee Ki Woo in A Love to Kill

Lee Jang Woo in Bel Ami

Jung Young Hwa in You Are Beautiful


Insanely talented, attractive and popular actors I’m not a fan of.

Gong Yoo


Lee Seung Gi

Notes on Bae Wei Wei:


The drama Wei Wei – is a unicorn. Not just any regular run of the mill unicorn, but a diamond hoofed, french speaking with a Midas touch type of a unicorn.  A virtual embodiment of perfection, Mary Poppins has nothing on this girl!  She is a stunning beauty with an alleged 32C, willowy frame and flawless skin and hair.  She is innocent, demure, well mannered, has good taste with no trace of arrogance and ostentation.  On top of all that she is intelligent, well educated and clever; she is a diligent hard worker, sensible, kind, nurturing and filial.  Oh wait, she is also the only top ten ranked female player of World of Warcraft Chinese equivalent.

Now – pretend you are a twelve or a thirteen year old girl watching the show (or maybe you don’t have to pretend because you happen to be one).  I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling ever so slightly inadequate (note the sarcasm here).  Darn, I’m just happy she doesn’t play an instrument.  Hold on, her ‘ever so perfect’ boyfriend does!  An uber talented genius level programer with business management knack who is caring, protective, gentle, and only has eyes for her.  Well darn, the rest of us is dust under those diamond hoofs.

All the Disney princesses combined can’t measure up to Bei Wei Wei.  Every single trace of realism has been so diligently obliterated that I’m left looking at #FFFFFF.

But what pisses me off the most about the show is the game development episodes.  How in this world such a talented woman is delegated to the task of nurturing a room full of programing geeks.  Feeding men and providing them with comfortable beds to sleep – is that the extent of her skills?  The feminist in me turns to a raging bitch seeing that.


On the other hand Angelababy’s Wei Wei is spunky, fun and alive.  She is earnest and honest, she “possesses utmost sincerity”.  And load and behold – she codes!!!

Begs the question – why make them so different?