The BEA list and why:

My favorite list and why I like them:

note: it is my belief that actor’s personality is reflected in their character choice.  All of them are incredibly talented in the way that is unique to each one.

So Ji Sub:

His personality.  It is directly reflected in his character choice: it is consistent and deliberate.  His mind and his intelligence is always there.  The man is an artist and has a clear expression of his mind’s heart.  

Jang Hyuk:

I love him for his laugh.  Whenever I hear it – it’s endearing.  The man kicks ass!, his experience, his versatility, his maturity. From action to melo to comedy – genre has no boundaries over this man.

Lee Joon Ki:

I love him for his eyes!  I would classify his eyes as Korea’s national treasure!  I love him for his fluidity.

The director lucky to have him would most likely to be challenged to restrain him.  He literally ‘throws’ himself at his characters.

Ji Hyun Woo:

I love him for his honesty!  I love him for his face, his voice, his height, his abs and his talent!  I don’t know what to say, but this boy is maturing into a beautiful young man.  Anyone will see that his heart is pure, kind and gentle.  

Byun Yo Han:

I love him for his fearless heart and his love of art.  It takes an incredible mind to take on a Hedwig’s role in any country.

Ryu Jun Yeol:

I love him for his innocence.  I love him for his charisma.  I love him for his lips and I love him for his kindness.


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